Crimes against Humanity / Persecutions -  2003

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"Society for the Rehabilitation of Those persecuted for
Refutation of the Holocaust"

Horst Mahler, on behalf of the "Society for the Rehabilitation of Those persecuted for Refutation of the Holocaust" (VRBHV)

Press release

On a historic date, the 9th of November 2003, the "Society for the Rehabilitation of Those persecuted for Refutation of the Holocaust" (VRBHV) was founded in Vlotho, Germany. The German-Swiss history teacher Bernhard Schaub, who is himself affected by persecution, was elected as chairman. His deputy is the head of the Collegium Humanum Ursula Haverbeck-Wetzel.

Based on the article of the editor-in-chief of the newsmagazine DER SPIEGEL Fritjof Meyer, "The Number of Victims of Auschwitz - New Insights due to new Findings in the Archives" which appeared in the magazine Osteuropa (no.5/2002) under the responsibility of the former president of the Bundestag Rita Süßmuth, the society is striving for the resumption of the proceedings which have led to sentences due to denial or trivialisation of the Holocaust in accordance with § 130 sects. 3 and 4 StGB [Penal Code].

These sentences are based without exception on the thesis asserted by ruling historiography, that the millionfold industrial murder of the Jews which was motivated by racism and which took place under the responsibility of the German Reich under the Reich Chancellor Adolf Hitler (known as "Holocaust") is an obvious fact which therefore does not require proof.

In his essay, which was examined by numerous public prosecutors' offices and declared to be innocuous, Meyer advocates the thesis that no mass killings took place in the mortuaries of the crematoria I and II in the main camp of Auschwitz, which up until now have been described as the scene of the crime. The insights of Fritjof Meyer confirm the results of the research of Prof. Robert Faurisson and Paul Rassinier (France), of Fred Leuchter and Arthur Butz (USA), of David Irving (UK), of Germar Rudolf, Wilhelm Stäglich and Udo Walendy (Germany), of Jürgen Graf (Switzerland), Walter Lüftl and Wolfgang Fröhlich (Austria), of Frederick Töben (Australia), and of numerous other "revisionists" who have gathered evidence for the refutation of the so-called Auschwitz-Lie.

While the historians named above totally deny the mass killings of Jews through the gas Zyklon B, Fritjof Meyer assumes that the gassings with Zyklon B probably (!) took place in two farm houses outside the camp Auschwitz, with "probably (!) 356 000 murdered in the gas" (Jews and non-Jews). With this the practice of prosecution which is based on the supposed "obviousness" of the Holocaust has become obvious as being a crime of the judicial machinery.

The society is to eliminate the isolation of the persecuted which has dominated so far, is to guarantee the necessary public awareness of their struggle for justice, and is to provide the financial means for a successful judicial struggle.

Amongst others, the following acted as founders:

Ernst Zündel, untiring fighter for Germany's honour (in "security custody" under Guantanamo-like conditions in Canada), and his wife, the novelist Ingrid Zündel-Rimland (USA)

Prof. Dr. Robert Faurisson (France) Museum Director

Rainer Daehnhardt (Portugal)

Germar Rudolf, author of the "Rudolf Report" (in exile)

Jürgen Graf, author (in exile)

Gerd Honsik, author of the book "Acquittal for Hitler" (in exile)

Wilhelm Stäglich, author of the book "The Auschwitz-Myth" (Germany)

Frederick Töben, director of the "Adelaide Institute for Historical Research (Australia)

Andres Studer (in exile)

Hans-Dietrich Sander, editor of the Staatsbriefe (Germany)

Manfred Röder, German freedom fighter (in prison)

Frank Rennicke, German singer-songwriter

Hans Schmidt, publisher (USA)

Anneliese Remer, widow of Major General Otto Ernst Remer (Spain)

In a letter from the 9th of November 2003 to the signatory, Prof. Robert Faurisson invited "all revisionists" to join the initiative of this society.

A copy of this letter in English, German, Italien and French is appended to this press release.

Vlotho/Berlin on the 11th of November 2003

On authority of the executive committee

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