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Aggression against Iraq

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Niger and Iraq: the war's biggest lie?

Naked forgery

"Denial and Deception: The administration's dishonest case for war"

Robin Cook: "Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction ready for use"

"The CIA had made up intelligence on weapons of mass destruction to provide a legal basis for the war"

The WMD-Lie was selected as the justification for the aggression against Iraq

Pfc. Jessica Lynch's Rescue was staged

Iraq-War: A "Colonial Crime" and "uninvited liberation"

America's brand of democracy we in Europe can well do without. And the long-suffering Iraqi people deserve a better fate than this when the war’s over.

The offenders are the same ... but the scale of allied war crimes against Germany remains unparalled

Fired by America for telling the truth ..

"Now you say you are bombing us into democracy. Yet since you’ve unloaded thousands of missiles on us I don’t feel more democratic."

"How do you liberate people by killing them?"

"Where, by the way, is Bob, Mr. President?"

Warmonger' explains to 'Peacenik' why we are at war

"The warmongers in the White House have broken about every rule and law that could be broken."

"This illegal assault on Iraq is based on lies, greed and ignorance." USrael uses stray bombs, weapons of mass destruction

High-Tech Rambo Army runs from heroic Iraqi defence

Rumsfeld keeps PoWs in barbaric conditions until they rot

Saddam: "When evil comes, armed with deceit and destruction, we must face them with faith and holy struggle"

Heroic Iraqis halt Popcorn-Rambos

"We bomb. They suffer!"

"Perversely, a war supposed to be about removing weapons of mass destruction became an onslaught against the alleged culprit deploying equally destructive firepower"

Not in our name, Mr Blair. "If it were not for the strong support of the Jewish community there would be no war with Iraq".

"The run-amok Bush administration: 'democracy' has been perverted to mean U.S. imperial hegemony"

Signpost of Western Democracy: USrael threatens and promises bribes to win the support for her wars of extermination

Hitler in Paris, Bush in Baghdad: Comparisons

Putins struggle with Jewish globalists worsens

BLIAR "knew Iraq had no WMD"

"Bush is an incessant liar". "No U.S. president has lied as much as Bush"

"The aggression against Iraq is not a burden, it's a crime under the UN Charter". The Bush administration did not invade Iraq to perform social work but to grab its vast oil reserves.

Liar Mandelson to help to end the culture of lying at the rotten heart of the Blair's Government

Putin's struggle with Jewry

"The role of kapo would be perfect for you", Berlusconi

Hitler is vanquished, freedom is here, hallelujah. The United Nations promote training manual for 10 year old to have sex with animals to prevent teen pregnancy

The public will never know about it: Bilderberg news is not fit to print - or broadcast

I was silly to trust America

How the UK and the US manipulated UN reports to justify their war for Oil and Israel against Iraq

"America has no intention of falling in line with internationally recognised justice. US plans death camp"

World Rule by Might and Intimidation-American Imperium


Amalek Iraq: The hate against an age old Aryan culture. USrael's barbaric warfare against the culture of mankind

The Big Lies. On the Way to World War Three

"It may well be that if Saddam's regime falls there will be dancing on the streets of Basra. But then, if the Bush regime were to fall, there would be dancing on the streets the world over."

Bush Administration: The American idol, Benjamin Franklin,  now replaced by the Chicago mobster Al Capone

Has The End of the U.S. Tolled?

"Jews pushing Bush into war with Iraq, thinking it could help Israel by scrambling the Middle East map!"

Armageddon: "Axis of  Good" versus the "coalition of murderers"

"Blair, one of the most despised leaders in Europe"

Will Germany be bombed? Bombing Hamburg: The price for defying USrael's war and founding a multicultural society that breeds millions of reliable Jew-haters?

911, no evidence of what really occurred and how it happened, permitted in German courts of law

"In his chaotic two-year presidency, Bush has pushed the Big Lie approach toward the brink". "We have not seen such systematic distortion of intelligence, such systematic manipulation of the American people, since the war in Vietnam"

War-lies and Atrocity Propaganda: How the good-doers justify crimes against humanity. Revelations according to German Television

Chancellor Schröder's struggle against USrael's plans for world domination

When will modern Germany be caught up by Weimar? Schröder, a version of a modern Brüning? Reparation costs destroy democratic Germany. The fight between the EURO and the Dollar decides Germany's existence