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Putin's struggle with Jewish globalists worsens

Oligarch Mikhail Chodorkovski now in behind bars in "sailors' silence".

"Reforms", privatisation", globalisation", these catchwords are nowadays widely used and abused by an age-old, inhumane agenda. But the people are not aware of the devastating effects behind these words. Malaysia's Prime Minister recently said in public what before him only the National Socialists dared to speak out: "Jews invented socialism, communism, human rights and democracy to gain control of the most powerful countries." [AP, Oct. 16, 2003]

The Jewish power centres also invented globalism in support of their agenda to control the world. This biblical plan remains unchanged. Only the agenda's labels and slogans vary. They are adjusted to the sensitivity of the relevant era and to the appropriate mood of the varying nations at the time of implementation.

When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1989 according to plan, the time for the Jewish power centres had come to snatch the country's resources. The man chosen to operate their business in the new global era was a Boris Jelzin, a nauseating drunkard from the communist apparatus. As the mouthpiece of the globalists he proclaimed  Russia's "privatisation". Since then the Russian people found themselves worse off than in Soviet times.

At the end of September 1993 the Russian parliament called upon the people to resist Jelzin's "privatisation" programme in order to stop the theft of Russia's national resources by the Oligarchs (Oligarchs, Russian word for power Jews). In the morning of October 4, 1993, Jelzin gave order for artillery and tank divisions to fire upon the parliament building (White House). Hundreds died within and thousand were wounded. Jelzin, a democratic elected president preferred fratricide, using and deploying clandestine Israeli killer squads who massacred demonstrators in the parliamentry building who had sought shelter from the artillery shells.

Before the storm on the White House, the American Vice-President Al Gore flew to Moscow to get Jelzin's assurance that Russia's "privatisation" would, under any circumstance, be completed. Yes, Mr. Jelzin guaranteed Mr. Gore the completion of the "privatisation programme".

Since 1989 the "privatisation programme" had become the most important matter to the Jewish power centres. Under this slogan they snatched the nations assets in the West as well as in the political new East. In the West, "privatisation" of national assets were mostly carried out by so-called share-swaps, without paying real money for the obtained assets. In Germany "privatisation" was implemented largely by transferring the national wealth of the eastern part of the newly united country to the globalists as a gift, garnished by nearly a trillion Marks of so-called "prompting finance". Formally it meant that the trillion should have prompted the new USsraeli owners to "prompt" the economy. But all that was "prompted" was the diversion of the "prompting trillion" into overseas accounts and that millions of workers were made redundend.

In Russia, strategic Banks and the most powerful media (TV and newspapers which were re-named) were handed over in 1988/89 to the hands of Jews like Boris Beresovski and Vladimir Gussinski, without real money being paid. Using the newly grabbed media network they relentlessly campaigned for their "privatisation programme". It did not take long until most of the oil, coal, diamonds and gas reserves fell into the hands of the Oligarchs. "Jelzin won the election through the financial support of the Oligarchs and broke with the FSB (successor of the former KGB) and turned to the Oligarchs. From this time on the Oligarchs controlled the Kremlin and freely plundered the country's resources." [Die Welt, Sep. 24, 2003, p. 7]

Vladimir Putin grew up in St. Petersburg close to a Jewish quarter. Later he made a career with the KGB, an intelligence organisation that had always tried, by the means available, to torpedo the Jewish agenda. "The KGB, an organisation that was deeply anti-Semitic, suspected that any anti-Soviet criticism or actions were plotted by Jews. The KGB believed that Jews were a security risk to the Soviet Union and therefore had to be under surveillance." [Der Spiegel, 43/2003, p. 147]

Putin, along with like-minded men, studied with grinding teeth and frustration at miserable deeds of the drunkard and traitor Jelzin. It takes time until reliable comrades can come together and accomplish greatness. It was in August 1999 when Putin's fighting team was completed. To the surprise of the entire world, Jelzin handed over the Kremlin to an internationally unknown person, Vladimir Putin. This act was probably not performed totally voluntarily. High ranking intelligence and military officials might have "persuaded" Jelzin to make way for Putin.

In the beginning Putin offered his services to the great criminals Beresovski and Gussinski in order to use their financial and media power to become officially elected as president. But only shortly after he won the election, in 2000, the Russian prosecution services started to investigate the criminal past of Beresovski and Gussinski. This happened despite the fact that Vladimir Gussinski was at the time vice-president of the "World Jewish Congress" and president of the "Council of Jews in Russia", thus one of the most powerful men in the world. Beresovski held high government offices under Jelzin also and both men were comfortably backed by billions of dishonestly gained Dollars. For Putin, those ranged against him were mot weak enemies.

The crimes of the two Jews led to the judicial confiscation of their media conglomerates. The most crucial media are in Russian hands again since September 2000 and Beresovski and Gussinski fled Russia in the dead of night to Israel. There is an international warrant on both men, initiated by the Russian authorities.

It was imperative for Putin to stop the anti-Russian hate propaganda and lies spread by the Gussinski-Media in order to be able to continue with his political consolidation course against globalisation. The immense national resources and the Russian Banking system are still largely in the hands of those who obtained these assets by criminal means - very much to the frustration of all upright Russians. Russia's vast oil reserves are more or less exclusively exploited by Mikhail Chodorkovski, head of Yukos. Yukos owns numerous other huge companies and Banks.

Chodorkovski is obviously the man that has been chosen to transfer Russia's vast oil reserves over to the safe hands of Strategic-World-Jewry in New York -  via privatisation and mergers: "Russia's oil reserves had been privatised in the nineties and are owned by Chodorkovski and other Oligarchs. Chodorkovski challenged the Kremlin with personal pipeline plans and concepts for mergers with American oil giants, which do not fit in with Putin's strategic concept. The rulers in the Kremlin are not amused by the fact that Chodorkovski more and more became the pilot for American ecenomic interests in Russia. Less they liked the perspective of Siberia's oil being internationalised." [Die Welt, Oct. 29, 2003, p. 9]

The transfer of Russia's riches over to the Jewish power centres were, to a great extend, already completed at the time of Chodorkovski's arrest: "Control of Mikhail Khodorkovsky's shares in the Russian oil giant Yukos have passed to renowned banker Jacob Rothschild, under a deal they concluded prior to Mr. Khodorkovsky's arrest, the Sunday Times reported. ... Mr. Rothschild now controls the voting rights on a stake in Yukos worth almost $13.5 billion." [washingtontimes.com - Nov. 3, 2003]

In order to secure Russia's national resources for Strategic-World-Jewry in New York, Chodorkovski also financed a number of political parties, amongst them the Communist Party, to remove Putin from office in the wake of the election in December 2003. He even recommended himself as Russian President for 2008, to rule, so to speak, the "Russian Colony" as a globalist governor for USrael.

The situation in Russia worsens day by day. Putin, who seems to be determined to replace globalism by a national economy, holds all judicial trump cards in his hand to have the entire Oligarch-clique incarcerated for "fraud on a large scale, tax evasion, forgery and embezzlement".

But will Putin really dare to fight globalism? Actions against power-Jews, as taken in Putin's Russia, would be inconceivable in the West, even if they had committed heinous crimes. What allows people to still hope for justice is the fact that under Putin, Beresovski and Gussinski were arrested and their media trusts confiscated. No Western president or chancellor would ever have had the backbone to do the same. More over, "an aide to Russian President-elect Vladimir Putin described two Jewish-born media tycoons [Beresovski and Gussinski] as 'bacteria who live in disintegrating bodies but have to die when the body starts to recover'." [JTA, Jewish Telegraph Agency, Apr. 2, 2000]

Putin's struggle against the Oligarchs has now entered a new dimension by taking on Mikhail Chodorkovski and Platon Lebedev. It is no longer about the prosecution of criminal Jews, which by itself is dangerous enough nowadays. Putin now fights the globalistic plan, thus the very Jewish agenda to control the world: "FSB generals have produced a manifesto of a new populist-left ideology as a platform for parties, supported by the Kremlin. This ideology, which is not based on liberal standards of the West, but on traditional Russian values, is believed to be embraced by the church and the army. The current political concept and economic direction is aimed to be replaced by a new type of 'honest business': Private economy will still be supported in future but under strict control of the state. Strategic industries shall in future no longer be in the hands of individual persons, but owned by the state." [Die Welt, Sep. 24, 2003, p. 7]

Lord Weidenfeld assessed the Kremlin's new direction as a possible fresh chapter of world's history: "The coming days and weeks in the conflict between the Russian judiciary and Chodorkovski could lead to a grand decision: the conclusion of an old and the beginning of a new chapter in the history of our planet." [Die Welt, 7.11.2003, p. 8]

President Putin is following in Adolf Hitler's footsteps by heading for an economic programme, opposite to the concentrated economical super-powers under globalism. Moreover, the FSB-manifesto is aiming for the complete cleansing of the ruling elite of the noxious "Jelzin-family" and to put FSB-people at key-positions in the ruling system. More importantly is the clearly stated goal to turn the Russian economy into a 'honest business' once more: "The manifesto states the aim to change the ruling elite and to occupy key positions by FSB people." [Die Welt, Sep. 24, 2003, p. 7]

The anti-globalist-group is lead by 54-year old Victor Ivanov, who began his career together with Putin at the Leningrad KGB branch. This "more and more vigorously acting group of leading FSB-generals has its own ambitions of controlling the industries and financial empires of the Oligarchs." [Die Welt, Sep. 24, 2003, p. 7]

Victor Ivanov, a convinced anti-globalist, worked for quite some time closely and confidentially with Vladimir Putin, also in the field of economics. Therefore the two men can't be far apart philosophically. "In the nineties Ivanov controlled the security services of the St. Petersburg government. Putin was then Deputy Mayor and reformed the city's economy. When Putin moved to Moscow, Ivanov took a managerial post in the economy ... until he was called back to the FSB by Putin himself. Ivanov became the head of the division of counter-espionage within the intelligence services. Later, Ivanov was in charge of the economic division of the FSB and got into conflict with the Oligarchs." [Die Welt, Sep. 24, 2003, p. 7]

When two ex-intelligence members working closely together in the fields of politics and economics and are entirely aware, due to their professional experience, of the Jewish agenda, then they should have enough common ground to fight the globalistic programme together.

Since Ivanov's conflict with the Oligarchs became a public affair, he no longer kept the compromising material against Chodorkovski confidential. Ivanov is known as "the new strong man in the Kremlin." [Die Welt, Sep. 24, 2003, p. 7] "In July 2003 Platon Lebedev, director of the Menatep-Group, which is the main shareholder of the oil-giant Yukos, was arrested. Lebedev was Chodorkovski's right hand. ... It is commonly agreed in globalistic circles that, although Lebedev was arrested, the strike was aimed at Chodorkovski." [Die Welt, Jul. 5, 2003, p. 11]

On October 25, 2003 the time came when the arm of justice took hold of Jewish billionaire Mikhail Chodorkovski. "Prosecutors charged Mikhail Chodorkovski, the head of Russia's largest oil producer, on Saturday with tax evasion and fraud, after special forces detained the magnate in Siberia and took him to Moscow. ... 'The head of Yukos is incriminated on committing a series of crimes, including theft by fraud on a large scale, the failure to pay taxes as an organization and as an individual,', the Interfax news agency quoted a representative of the prosecutor's office as saying. In addition, Chodorkovski was charged with failure to abide by a court decision, fraud, forgery and embezzlement, Interfax said." [AP, Oct. 25, 2003]

Other Jewish Oligarchs, i.e. Roman Abramovich, are hastily transfering all their dishonestly aquired fortunes from the country and investing them in the West. Abramovich for example bought the London football club "Chelsea". "As if it needed a new-rich Russian with a dubious billion-dollar fortune to illustrate the totally uprooted people's sport football." [Der Spiegel, 29/2003, p. 156]

Roman Abramovich is known to be the "second richest man in Russia with an estimated cash reserve of 5,7 billion Dollars. He is one of the youngest amongst the Oligarchs, the resources barons." [Der Spiegel, 29/2003, p. 156] As Chodorkovski, Lebedev and other Oligarchs he also made his wealth by deceiving the Russian people. In the British media, Abramovich was never mentioned as the son of Jewish parents from Saratov, but was always politically correct described as a "Russian". The more he and his new Jewish managers, Jevgeni Shwidler, Richard Creitzman and Jevgeni Tenenbaum must have been surprised to hear unpleasant shouting from the ranks of the football supporters at the Chelsea stadium: "Gas a Jew, Jew, Jew / put him in the oven / cook him through" [Der Spiegel, 29/2003, p. 156]

The fact that these grand fraudsters take their fortunes abroad, tells us how they assess Putin's anti-globalistic policy. They don't expect either a Oligarch-Bonus for their crimes, as it would be the case in most other countries. "No reason for special treatments", said Yuri Kalinin, the Russian deputy Justice minister. President Putin added: "A rich business man and an ordinary citizen should be equal before the law and a court should decide about the case." [Spiegel online, Oct. 27, 2003]

Nowadays, Vladimir Putin is the only statesman in the world, who tries to protect his country and country-men from the noxious influence of the Israel-Lobby and its globalism. A bold task and a perilous venture at the same time. A warning along that line came from Xavier Solana, the EU's co-ordinator on foreign affairs. He remarked in 2000 on the possibility of a provoked crisis by America: "Solana’s remarks reflect the widely spread skepticism in Western Europe towards America's defence plans. ... In this regard, Solana did not only refer to 'strenuous transatlantic relations' but feared that a 'great crisis with Russia' and perhaps with China, could be provoked." [Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, May 3, 2000, p. 9]

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