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National Journal, first published: 28/02/2009

The Auschwitz Lie has finally run its course and the truth has triumphed

Horst Mahlerís Closing Statement
Translated from the German by J M Damon

In My Show Trial Before Munich District Court II
Case No. 2 KLs 11 Js 42142/07

Closing Statement

There is not a shred of evidence for the alleged "gassing of six million" There are only narratives which we are forced to believe, as people are forced to believe in false Gods under despotic theocracies!

"The court faced further difficulties because the witnesses could hardly make any precise statements about places and times of certain occurrences. Ö The court was lacking almost all means of findings in order to get the real picture of what really happened at the time of murder. We had no corpses of the victims, no forensic reports about the cause of death and the time of death. The court lacked all traces of the offenders and the murder weapon et al. To verify the witness accounts was rarely possible."

Auschwitz-Verdict 50/Ks 2/63, page 109

The above is a summary of the Auschwitz-Verdict. And yet, we still must believe the gas chamber story.

The great mystery of human history has finally entered our consciousness as knowledge of Truth. The passage of God through the world that He created is revealed to us as the eternal struggle within God Himself, as He participates in the struggle against evil on behalf of what we humans consider the Good. Through us, God thus becomes Absolute Spirit, which, transcending morality, is neither good nor bad. Man cannot judge God.

We can exist only as a Volk. Without a Volk, Man cannot exist as Man. As Herder taught us, nations exist as thoughts of God. They have identity and significance only insofar as they can be distinguished from one another. An orchestra consisting of nothing except violins would quickly bore the audience. Every Volk is a separate thought or concept of God and has the obligation to preserve itself as such, through all changes and vicissitudes.

It is the destiny of Judaism, the diffused nation within other nations, to exist as the spirit of negation. Without this spirit of negation God could not know what He is not as well as what He intends to be. Because it exists as the spirit of negation, Zion is and ever has been hated and shunned by all nations. (Book of Isaiah, Chap. 60, Verses 14 and 15). In our (Christian) age, however, Zion has been redeemed by the nations through their acknowledgment of Judaism as "the negation of the lives of nations" (Matin Buber.)

Zionís redemption began with Jesusí words: "You (the leaders of Zion) belong to your father, the devil, and you want to carry out your fatherís desire. He was a murderer from the beginning, not holding to the truth, for there is no truth in him. When he lies, he speaks his native language, for he is a liar and the father of lies. Because I tell the truth, you do not believe me!" (John 8, 44-45)

As servants of God the Trinity, the Jews established the Empire of Mammon as a challenge and admonition for the nations of the Earth. The Empire of Mammon is now reaching its end, however. It has the lie of Jewish "gas chamber genocide" to thank for  its culmination as well as its fall.

The gas chamber or "Auschwitz Lie" was indeed the greatest lie in the history of mankind.

Now that the world monetary swindle has culminated and been exposed, the world is asking itself: "How could such a swindle have occurred?"

It came about through international illusions about the role and the true nature of Judaism, in particular illusions about Jewish plutocrats. These illusions have now vanished, along with the make-believe homicidal gas chambers utilizing Cyclon B Insecticide at Auschwitz Concentration Camp.

The Auschwitz Lie has finally run its course and the truth has triumphed.

The mighty protector of Israel, the United States of America, is disintegrating before our eyes, while the "Holocaust" Cult is devouring itself in ratlike fury by persecuting those who dare to expose it. If there were real empirical, forensic or documentary evidence for the unique crime that the Jewish-owned media call "Holocaust," they would certainly have presented it long ago, and this would have enabled them to neutralize their skeptics with ridicule. But there is no such evidence, since no gas chamber genocide occurred.

Martyrdom of the truth vs Holocaust Religion

It is incumbent upon companions of our Volk to deliver the death blow to the Judaic "Holocaust" Cult, and this can be accomplished only through self-sacrifice. Until now we have been duped by the Jewish Media into opposing the compulsory "Holocaust" dogma under the banner of freedom of opinion. From now on, however, we are no longer restricted to struggling for human rights under this banner. Now there is more at stake than winning freedom to express opinions. The continuation of our existence as a German nation is at stake, the survival of our Volk.

Guilt kills the human spirit, as mankind has known since the pioneering discoveries by the Jewish scientist Sigmund Freud. Section 130 Paragraph 3 of the Criminal Code is more than a mere "muzzle" Ė it is a weapon for the spiritual destruction of our Volk, used in relentless attacks on our existence as a nation. Section 130 is illegal under international law.

We are compelled to defend ourselves against it -- and not just for our own sake. The German Volk is the light of the nations. We have a God-given obligation to keep it alive and beaming.

Germans must comprehend that, in the ancient Talmudic spirit, world Jewry is now attacking our right to defend ourselves and preserve our Volk with life imprisonment! Such drastic punishment is a good measure of their desperation. It has become necessary because Germans of sound character can no longer desist from speaking the truth and calling the Auschwitz Lie by its name.

Everyone who acknowledges the right and the necessity of self-defense has a duty to oppose the Jewish genocide against the German spirit. The way to oppose this genocide is to speak the truth.

In our day, the German who does not kowtow to the Jews will be relentlessly brought before the courts and deprived of his freedom, so that he will spend his life behind bars. I stand convicted of exposing Talmudic perfidiousness by ceaselessly calling the Auschwitz Lie by its name and confronting it with the truth. I have been doing this for many years now, since I swore a sacred oath to my Volk never to relent in the struggle against the "Holocaust" Cult.

At the age of 73, I can expect to spend the rest of my days under the dictates of the foreign interests that dominate our Fatherland.

21 months of imprisonment have already been pronounced.

In addition to this, the vassals of foreign domination in Potsdam District Court demand another 57 months

while those in Munich pronounced 72 months.

For a 73-year-old man, a sentence of twelve and a half years is life imprisonment.

Quod erat demonstrandum! [This is what had to be demonstrated.]

I ask my fellow Germans: do you want to languish forever? Throw off the joke of Jacob! We have the most powerful weapon of all, the Truth. We must make use of it!

+Horst Mahler, Munich, 25 February 2009


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